Dear Faculty, Staff and Students of Middle Georgia State University:

Yesterday we witnessed a violent breach of the U.S. Capitol and on the values of democracy that Congress is called upon to sustain through its work.

Such an affront to civilization and society should inspire us even more to cherish the role that our learning and our formal education must play in advancing democracy. Indeed, at this painful historic moment for the nation, the values of knowledge, reason, evidence and respectful debate could not be more in need.

MGA’s institutional value of Stewardship reminds us all that we are each stewards of learning for the current and future well-being of our national and global family. We each play a vital part in sustaining the Republic and democracy itself if we purposefully steward our own learning and work for the common good.

As we experience this very difficult and painful start to a new year, I wish you peace and strength in your work, your lives and your communities.

Be well.