Joyful Holidays!

We refer to the last few weeks of the year as “the holiday season.”  In Western culture, the winter “holidays” coincide with religious festivals, such as Christmas, Hanukkah, and Diwali – indeed, almost all cultures celebrate a winter festival when families and neighbors gather together as a ward against the encroaching darkness of winter’s longer nights.  While the conveniences of modern life – central heating and electric lights – have tamed the harshness of winter for most of us, the celebrations continue.

Next week, we have a chance to experience a light in what has been a time of much darkness. Our graduates, who have persevered during extremely difficult circumstances, are bright lights who will illuminate future generations. If you are not participating in one of the commencement ceremonies, I encourage you to watch one online to remind ourselves of the optimism and hope that will always endure, despite the headwinds of life.

Over the Thanksgiving break, we were fortunate to host my wife Melody’s children and our grandchildren at our home. Watching the young grandchildren laugh and play reminded me of our need for joy. Whether joy for you means a large, boisterous gathering of family and friends, or a quiet day spent alone with a good book, know that you have earned a holiday. Take time to reconnect with loved ones, take time to rest – but most importantly, take time to do some things that bring you joy. 

After the ball has dropped and the calendar has turned over to 2022, we will resume our so-important work.  In the meantime, take care of yourself, take care of those around you, and enjoy a safe and happy holiday season.

Be well,