Board of Regents Statement on Academic Freedom & Freedom of Expression

Dear Students, Faculty, and Staff:

Academic freedom and open inquiry are the hallmarks of education in our democracy. In the western world, this truth has inspired learning for thousands of years, since the public square has been the cherished place of encounter where ideas, information and dialogue have empowered individuals and strengthened organizations. The Roman Agora in Athens and the Schools Quadrangle at Oxford University are ancient sites that inspired the learning of individuals through open dialogue, and with that learning came the inspiration for western civilization and the growth of democracy.

This week the Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia upheld this same democratic principle in an updated statement on academic freedom and the freedom of expression. You may read the full statement here

In this new statement, the Board reaffirms and endorses three key principles: 1) the statement issued in 1940 by the American Association of University Professors; 2) the valuing of diversity of thought and opinion of all stakeholders in the USG and its institutions; and 3) the valuing of the unique role faculty play in student success, and the freedom they and their students should universally enjoy from ideological tests.

Daily at MGA we already exemplify these principles in the outstanding teaching and learning that occurs in our classrooms and online. I am proud of what we do to honor academic freedom and diversity of thought. I am proud of what we do to guarantee true learning at MGA.

In two weeks we celebrate that outcome at Commencement. For now I encourage you to read the Board of Regents statement and be reminded of the timeless and invaluable work we each do as educators, and the principles we cherish in undertaking that work.

Go Knights!