The Gift of Graduation - A Compass for Life

As we close another academic year with the joy and celebration of Commencement ceremonies this week, and approach a different tempo with the coming summer, it's essential to reflect on the values that have guided us and those that will continue to shape our university community. This year, there has been a national conversation about a degree’s worth, and I want to emphasize that a degree itself is not what creates value in education. It is the process of learning and the graduates who apply this knowledge that contribute to society's greater good. As Dr. Condoleezza Rice, former Secretary of State, wisely noted, “Education is of no value and talent is worthless - unless you have an unwavering aim. Never find yourself without a compass.”

Our university values of Stewardship, Engagement, Adaptability, and Learning guide us, as a community of Knights, in pursuing our professional ambitions. These values charge us to serve those around us, to lift up those we come in contact with, and contribute to the greater public good.

To our graduates, your time at MGA has provided you with the tools and the knowledge to pursue your next goals. But it is your unwavering aim that will guide you on your path to success. Always keep your compass close and use it to navigate through life's challenges.

To our faculty, I am grateful for your dedication to teaching, scholarship, and service. It is through this that you help students find their true north.

To our staff, thank you for your commitment to keeping our university running smoothly. Your contributions to our daily operations, from admissions and financial aid to facilities and technology, demonstrate daily your determination in the success of our students.

As we anticipate the summer season, let us carry Dr. Rice's wisdom with us as we move forward and face the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead. To us all, the gift of education can be an invaluable compass as we embrace our futures. I wish you all a wonderful summer filled with some rest and rejuvenation. I look forward to seeing what we will achieve in the coming academic year.

Godspeed, and Go Knights!