Charting the Path to Excellence

Firstly, we welcome today the Chancellor, the System Office staff and all of the USG presidents for the fall two-day presidential retreat on our Macon campus. I hope those of you in Macon will get an opportunity to greet our colleagues from the USG.

Each year, the publication of my annual report serves as a powerful reminder of the collective achievements that mark our university’s journey. This year's annual report, "Charting the Path to Excellence," stands as a testament to our institution's remarkable growth, accomplishments, and most importantly, the people that propel us forward.

As we look to the past year, we do so with a fresh vision and a renewed sense of purpose, underscored by our updated vision and mission statements. The launch of our new strategic plan, "Middle Georgia's Path to Excellence" (2023-2028), provides us with a well-defined roadmap toward our future.

Our achievements this year have been remarkable. The safety and security of our campus community remain a top priority, and I am proud that Middle Georgia State University became the first public institution in Georgia to adopt a cutting-edge technology resource used by law enforcement agencies. Our students continue to be a wellspring of inspiration, consistently achieving excellence in their academic pursuits. Our dedicated faculty members have displayed exemplary dedication to their scholarly endeavors and teaching, bringing distinction to our institution through their accomplishments.

The growth of our university has been bolstered by an unprecedented surge in philanthropic support. Not only has the total amount of philanthropic contributions seen a substantial increase, but we've also witnessed an expansion in donors. We welcomed The Delta Air Lines Foundation as a new contributor to our cause, with the largest single gift in our university’s history. The Center for Middle Georgia Studies, largely funded through a grant from the Peyton Anderson Foundation, is set to officially launch in January 2024. This center will serve as a dynamic hub, tackling some of the most challenging issues within our region.

On the athletic front, we are making progress in our transition to the NCAA Division II, which received the green light from the Board of Regents in early 2023. This step forward underscores our dedication to enriching the overall university experience.

As we evolve as a state university of service to the public, I extend my profound gratitude to all of you—our dedicated faculty, hardworking staff, ambitious students, steadfast friends, and generous supporters. Together, we stand ready to forge ahead, charting the path to excellence, and illuminating the way for the next generation of driven and inspired leaders. Our world is living again through painful times of great challenge. I take comfort and strength that the MGA community has the torch of knowledge, the shared values of community and the right strategic insight to face the challenges of today and tomorrow, both individually and collectively.

Go Knights!