Dear Faculty and Staff,

On April 15, many around the world watched in shock as Notre Dame Cathedral burned, destroying parts of a structure that’s stood for more than 700 years.  As students are preparing to graduate, let’s try to remember that the physical things we create and accumulate are always temporary and will eventually cease to be – but that the impacts we have on the lives and on the world around us are permanent.  By being forces for positive change in the world around us, we create a legacy which that can’t be destroyed.

The University is asking others to join us in an effort to improve our region. On Wednesday, May 15th, MGA will host the THRIVE Summit.  Held in partnership with the Community Foundation of Central Georgia and the United Way of Central Georgia, the MGA THRIVE Summit seeks to facilitate growth in our region by promoting best practices and collaboration among community stakeholders.  It is our desire to share information on the current state of community assets and resources, highlight innovative approaches for community and region building, and encourage a continuation of partnerships both locally and regionally.

A key driver for a region’s economic success is a strong educational foundation.  I have invited presidents of institutions of higher education in Bibb and Peach counties to join me for a President’s Panel.  The panel, moderated by Ms. Kathryn Dennis, President & CEO of the Community Foundation of Central Georgia, will focus on the successes of our institutions and on the opportunities we offer which that lead to a stronger Middle Georgia.  This is a piece of our legacy building.  Creating opportunities for student success, which in turn provide a career driven pipeline to our region.  I thank each of our faculty and staff for your efforts and contributions to ensuring our region is well-poised for economic success.  Together, we can continue to offer opportunities for our students and citizens of Middle Georgia to thrive!