Independence Day

Dear Faculty and Staff:

We are in the height of the summer heat, an amazing Women’s World Cup is going on across the Pond (no comments on last night’s exciting game), and we are about to enjoy one of the finest holidays of our nation and on our planet, and I say that as a proud immigrant to this great country.

Tomorrow we remember the start of this nation as an independent republic and celebrate the past, present and future hope that is the offer of America and its union of states. In our role as educators, we have an essential purpose in fostering the intent and vision of our republic. Indeed, America’s Founding Fathers understood profoundly the necessity of an informed and educated citizenry to protect the new nation from the temptations and dangers of tyranny and excessive exertion of power.

I applaud each of you for what you do for our students, in helping them become educated guardians of that tradition, whereby education and democracy are so powerfully intertwined and serve to support each other. Let us celebrate tomorrow with family and friends the birthday of the nation, and remember the cherished hopes and ideals that men and women have striven to protect for nearly 250 years, including the sacrifices paid over the centuries by brave men and women in uniform. The fireworks in tomorrow’s night sky are lanterns of history and hope for our nation, and similarly our MGA crest holds high the lantern or torch of education. Be proud in what we do to serve, protect and develop our nation and our democracy through learning. Through our work at this university, we are fulfilling a great service to the nation, and I thank you for your service.

I wish you truly a happy 4th of July!