An Upward Journey – Institutional Priorities

Dear Faculty & Staff:

I hope you have a great first full week of classes with our returning students and the Class of 2023. We have over 8,000 students now enrolled and are making great progress toward our Census target enrollment target for our census reporting date on October 7.

Two weeks ago at Convocation, I announced that the theme of this year – the second year of our Elevating Middle Georgia strategy – has a name: “An Upward Journey.” In terms of the work we do, and the outcomes it produces, we can see every year a powerful renaissance occurring at Middle Georgia State University. We are seeing greater student success in and out of the classroom, an increase in the number of students graduating with baccalaureate and master’s degrees, stronger connections across our region and the state, and new levels of philanthropy. At the core of this, our amazing faculty are earning terminal degrees, increasing their amount of scholarly output, and creating stronger research and community engagement. MGA is on an upward journey, and we each have significant role in paving the path for that journey.

To ensure that continued climb upward, we are going to focus our efforts this year. Previously, I have asked that we be intentional about our work. This year, we couple that intentionality with clear and targeted focus. The areas or priorities we have identified were showcased at Convocation and are on our website. I encourage you to look at them at:

We are only focusing on seven priorities this year, but they will require thought and effort across all areas of the University. Whether we are part of a team that is responsible for, say, developing a new compensation plan for our staff (Priority 5), or bringing to successful review and launch two new undergraduate and two new graduate degrees (Priority 3), these priorities will drive this University forward and upward in terms of its caliber, quality, professionalism and relevance to the public at large. At mid-year we shall see how we are performing in relation to each of our seven priorities, and I encourage you to jump in and take part in bringing them all to fruition this year!

It seems that the term “Fall Semester” is a misnomer, with the weather in the 90’s outside! But time is moving forward, and our time to put our shoulders to the wheel is right now.

My very best for a great start to Fall semester. Thank you for all you do to make Middle Georgia State a great place to work – more on that theme next time! Chris