Believing in What is Possible for our University

The quote “You are never too old to set a new goal or to dream a new dream,” is commonly attributed to C. S. Lewis (1898–1963). Whether or not Lewis actually dispersed these words of wisdom is undetermined. Nevertheless, the quote carries an important message for all of us. Believe in what is possible.

Our Elevating Middle Georgia strategy reflects this wisdom inour second priority: successfully launch corporate and community partnerships via MGA Direct. This priority became a reality in September with the creation of the Strategic Partnerships Office. This office is established to work assisting businesses of all sizes, government, and various community organizations to grow their employees professionally by advancing their education through MGA Direct, which by now you will know is our online campus providing increasingly strong pathways to success for our online students. Many dedicated faculty and staff have worked diligently to bring this to fruition.

The Strategic Partnership Office is unique as it focuses on both supporting the workplace needs of employers and assisting their employees with completing their educational goals. MGA emissaries have already established strong partnerships with Delta Air Lines, Macon-Bibb Fire Department, Macon-Bibb County government, Macon Housing Authority and GEICO. Recruitment of community partners continues and that list of partners will doubtless grow. Marketing toolsare available to make it easy for employers to share information with employees about MGA Direct. Strategic Partnership Office staff go to partner businesses and meet face to face with employees. They encourage and assist with tools that will enable them to start, continue, and/or complete their degree.

For the employee at a community partner, the Strategic Partnership Office offers a “concierge” approach to create an exceptional experience for each individual student. The office is dedicated to educating employees of community partners about the many beneficial opportunities available. Assistance is given with priority applications, information on financial assistance, advising, and other student needs. Official numbers for online enrollment, which we believe to be admirable, will be available after census. These employees are becoming students who are setting a new goal, dreaming a new dream.

Our core value of engagement with the community in partnerships continues its upward journey.

Finally, I would be remiss I if did not mention a most recent community partnership. The MGA Day of Service 2019. Over 200 students, faculty and staff came together to work (on a maddingly-hot Fall day,) to assist numerous community agencies. Continuing to make our communities better places mirrors all of our core values of stewardship, engagement, adaptability and learning. I want to offer a special thanks to each and every person who took part. We can see a powerful renaissance occurring at Middle Georgia State University each semester, due to the excellence of the work of our faculty and staff.

Thank you to all for your efforts, contributions, and believing in what is possible for our great University.