Elevating Middle Georgia Communities

December of 2019 will be a benchmark month for MGA as we continue our mission of Elevating Middle Georgia Communities.

 The grand opening of the MGA Center for Software Innovation will be Thursday, December 5th at 2:00 p.m. in Thomas Hall at our Warner Robins campus.  The Center for Software Innovation, building on the resources within the School of Computing, will identify and complete software development or enhancement projects that have the express purpose of elevating Middle Georgia companies, nonprofits, startups and any other group interested in building businesses or organizations that will benefit Middle Georgia. Projects are already underway with Robins Air Force Base and Navicent.  This center will be a nexus for working IT professionals, entrepreneurs, business owners, nonprofit leaders, faculty and students to meet and build software concepts that will solve problems for Middle Georgia’s economy.  The Center for Software Innovation will serve as a lead initiative in our mission of Elevating Middle Georgia Communities.

Fall Commencement will be held on December 12th and 13th.  Close to 500 students will participate in the ceremonies for the School of Health & Natural Sciences, School of Computing, School of Arts & Letters, School of Education & Behavioral Science, School of Aviation, and the School of Business.   Commencement is a time honored tradition for these students to celebrate with friends and family the fruition of all the hard work put into years of studies. We expect over 4,000 to attend the ceremonies on our Macon campus over this two day period.  I am proud and thankful for each individual graduate and take pride they will become an alumni of MGA. I invite facility and staff members to join in this celebration.  It is because of your efforts in guiding, teaching, and supporting these students that they are prepared for their future careers.   These students, with their degree from MGA, will elevate the communities in which they choose to live.

I want to take this opportunity to thank you for all you have done for MGA in 2019.  There will be many holiday celebrations, tree lightings, and events to participate in over the next few weeks.  Please view the MGA calendar not to miss anything.  As we approach 2020 I wish for all of you happiness and good health.  A new year is always a time of promise, but also a reminder that time is precious and that we are privileged to hold high the torch of education for a finite time.  My hope is that this coming year we continue to make the very best use of that time for the benefit of our students.  Happy Holidays to all.